Valentines candles with a message of love...

15 February 2016

Are you looking to send a romantic message or secret sensual declaration? Take a look at these candles with a meaning within their scent.

Find the candle that says what you want to say perfectly.

"Will you marry me?"

The heady fragrance of honeysuckle flowers are believed to induce dreams of love and passion. If the bloom is brought into the house a wedding is said to follow within the year.

Honeysuckle Jasmine Boxed Glass Candle by Northumbrian Candleworks £18

Simpatico Honeysuckle Handmade Glass by K Hall £36

"I think I have fallen in love with you"

Did you know gardenia flowers symbolise a budding romance? A secret and newly blooming love.

White Gardenia travel tin candle by Northumbrian Candleworks £10

"I can't resist you, can you resist me?"

A long time ago verbena, was believed to protect you from spells. The fragrance in this candle blends citrus verbena with sensual patchouli a woody, spicy, intoxicating combination.

Foundry Verbena & Patchouli by Paddywax £35

"Your beauty is intoxicating"

Ambergris, it remains a gift from the seas, its complex and aromatic scent described as sweet and earthy, powdery, animalistic, with notes of musk and marine. It is very rare to find and therefore expensive stuff, a valuable commodity. 

Simpatico Ambergris Handmade Glass by K Hall £36

"You mean the world to me"

The famous quote from Leo Tolstoy novel War & Peace "All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love" is featured on this lovely candle - no need for a card, the candle says it all.

Library Leo Tolstoy by Paddywax £19

"You are my English Rose"

Say 'I love you' with this romantic rose - there's nothing old fashioned about this rose scented candle, a modern floral which will fill even the biggest room with a delightful fragrance. Better than a bunch of roses as this lovely floral candle will outlive any fresh flowers.

Bohemian Rose boxed 3 wick by Isle of Skye Candle Company £25

Our candles last so much longer than a very expensive bouquet and as most roses don't even smell these days - your Valentine will be touched to receive a scented candle.