Fabulous Fig Fragrance
Our favourite fragrance this month

11 May 2015

Sweet, fruity and fresh. Fig fragranced candles smell good enough to eat (be warned, the real thing tastes so much better). From super fruity to the more exotic, we are sure there's one for you.

Which Fig fragrance will you like?


Provisions Fig & Olive - Ooh nice..soft fruit with fresh woody undertones. 

Isle of Skye Vanilla & Fig - combines a classic vanilla with fruity fig, not too sweet, a softer fragrance with uplifting top notes and warmer base note. 

Couture Oriental Fig - Just like cutting open a ripe fig, this candle reveals dramatic deep purple wax.  Exotic oriental fig blended with warm winter spices for rich and fruity aroma.

Northumbrian Candleworks - Enjoy the sumptuous scent of juicy ripe fig, meticulously mixed with a perfect blend of fruity and floral notes.