Embrace the changing season

Our Top 3 favourite candles for longer evenings 

27 September 2015


Don't be down hearted that the evenings are drawing in. Snuggle up, and light one of our gorgeous candles. Here's our 3 favourite Autumn inspired fragrances.

Isle of Skye Wooden Heart - This scent, exclusive to the Isle of Skye Candle Company, has at its core a woody aromatic feel. It is a blend of zingy tea tree, cedar wood with a dash of orange.

Paddy wax Library Leo Tolstoy - Botanical extracts of Black Plum, Persimmon and Oakmoss, an amazing autumnal combination. 

Northumbrian Candleworks Sandalwood -  An aromatic scent of spicy sandalwood with distinct earthy undertones and a sweet top note.