This Christmas buy them a secret Santa present they will really like

14 October 2016

It's not that we don't approve of novelty ties and Rudolph socks, but after the 25th of December they seem to loose their sparkle.

Here's a few of our favourite stocking fillers, secret santa gifts, "Thanks for putting up with our son/daughter" teacher gifts. 

Affordable, adorable and above all, smell gorgeous!

Seasonal Spice Tin Candle £6 from Northumbrian Candleworks

Twilight Woodland Candle from Paddywax £12

Cinnamon Spice Tealights £5.00 from Shearers Couture Collection

Charles Dickens Copper Tin Candle £8.50 Paddywax Library range

Juniper Travel Candle £8 from The Isle Skye Candle Company - perfect for New Year.