Are your candles making your home toxic?
The real facts about scented candles.

12 July 2019

A quick internet search and you will find there are numerous of scary articles warning you to avoid burning candles around young babies, your pets and family. For lots of worrying health reasons we are being told our gorgeous scented candles should be discarded.

After reading several press reports, I wanted to share my thoughts;  is this true or is it fake news?

How do you know if your candles are safe to burn in the home? And should you be worried? Let's try and bust a few myths...

The wax is toxic. Many cheaper candles (and some expensive ones) are made using Paraffin wax. A bi-product of the oil industry, paraffin wax is similar to the luxury hand treatment you may have had as part of a luxury manicure. There is no conclusive evidence it emits harmful toxins when burned as a candle. We recommend natural waxes, they burn cleaner, slower and above all they are natural! If in doubt always choose a natural wax candle.

Candlewicks contain lead. Unlikely. Lead wicks were banned in the USA 20 years ago. Like most products, buy from a reputable retailer, be suspicious if a candle is really cheap. Top Tip : Trim your wick (check out our top tips)

Fragrances are harmful. Doubtful. All reputable manufacturers source approved fragrances for use in scented candles. They are not harmful however Asthma sufferers may find some stronger scents overwhelming. My husband has Asthma and I light candles all the time, but I can never have bunches of fresh lilies in the house!

When I created Glimmer, I had 3 main objectives and unlike all other candle retailers I state clearly for every product;

  • Wax content
  • Fragrance Level
  • Wick Content

And my mission;

  1. A great range of candles created by artisans, candles that you won't find on the high street.
  2. The best customer service - a personal touch with every order
  3. Product information to inform you. Not all candles are the same.

This article by The Independent is an interesting read, take a look and let me know your thoughts.