Boost your mood : 10 ways to feel better and banish the winter blues
10 easy, and cheap ways to brighten your day and lift your spirits.

04 April 2018

The winter has been long this year, and as an avid fan of the outdoors the season has been challenging at times, cold winds, late snow and far too many dull days for my liking.

A little self-care is enough to lift your spirits and shake off the winter blues, here are my favourite and very simple ways to brighten my day and make me smile. I would love to hear yours so please share!

  1. Get outside and breathe in some fresh air. I am lucky to live in beautiful rural Lincolnshire, whatever the weather, everyday I go for a walk  - 30 minutes or more if I have the time. I might return freezing and wet but always feel better for getting out of the house.
  2. Buy several bunches of Daffodils and pop them in every room of the house. The yellow trumpets are so cheerful, like bringing sunshine in the house.
  3. Banish the black outfits and wear something bright and vibrant, you will be amazed how uplifting this can be, for you and everyone you meet.
  4. Pet a pooch. If you follow @glimmer_candles_uk on instagram you will be very familiar with Robbie, my very cuddly Bichon Frise. 5 mins of cuddles is the best mood therapy ever!
  5. Create a motivating playlist but only with recommendations from your friends. Tell them you are feeling fed up and need some upbeat tunes to get you going in the morning, you will be amazed at the results.
  6. Wrap up, grab a blanket and have your cup of coffee outdoors, not so good on a rainy day though.
  7. Make a date - stop watching box sets and catch up with a friend on a mid week evening. Yes mid week!
  8. Revive and boost your winter skin. I'm loving the latest single use face and eye masks, in the shop this year. Get your skin glowing with a face mask and body scrub and you will be ready for the warmer days.
  9. Invite your friends or neighbours to a Games Night, dust of the monopoly board and get competitive.
  10. And finally, light an uplifting candle, (forgive me, there had to be a mention of a candle somewhere in this blog post). My personal favourite to energise and freshen the house click here..

In the UK the changing seasons bring a different landscape, the passage of time and in Spring new growth and optimism. I would love to hear your ideas so please comment below, and I do hope that if you choose to do any 1 of the above, your day will be brighter and before long warm sunny spring days will be here. Roll on Summer I say!

Warm regards,


Photo by Toni Hukkanen