How often do you 'Stop and Smell the Roses'?

09 May 2017

Taking time out from our busy lives if only for 5 minutes a day to grab a moment of peace and quiet benefits both mind and body. We are all guilty of living life at top speed. In fact, I am a big believer in living life to the full and making every day count.

Owning a dog makes me get out of the office every day to enjoy the wonderful Lincolnshire countryside I am fortunate to live. On one such walk I was reminded of this well known and often used saying,

'To Stop and Smell the Roses'.
In a nutshell stop and take a moment for reflection.

Interestingly, whenever we mention Rose scents to our customers there is often a marmite kind of reaction, for some it transports them immediately to an English Summer garden with gorgeous Rose blooms sending a warm soft scent drifting on the wind, for others it triggers memories of childhood scent making which resulted in a damp soggy 'perfume' that bore little resemblance to the real flower it originated from. Or perhaps you are like me and remember the cheap, artificial Rose scents that smelled sweet and sickly with a musty undertone.

Safe to say we think our Rose scented candles are rather lovely, so if its raining outside why don't you stop and light a Rose scented candle instead? 

Here are our favourite Rose inspired scents, I have every confidence there is a Rose scent for every taste!

Northumbrian Candlewicks English Rose £18  A sweet, delicate true Rose scent using created real perfume fragrance oils. Nothing artificial about this lovely soy wax candle.

Hand in Hand Rosewater £35 Containing natural essential oils, this is a lovely floral fragrance with an exotic blend of rose, clove & mint topped with notes of pear & citrus and balanced against a sandalwood base. The stunning gift packaging and beautiful hand painted ceramic makes this a gorgeous gift.

Lucia Damask Rose & Cypress £22 A clean natural Rose fragrance created by their perfumer in Grasse, France. This elegant blend of Rose and Cypress will fragrance your room with a soft fresh floral scent.

Isle of Skye Candles Bohemian Rose £15 Rose undertones blended with dash of amber, a soft romantic floral, creating a modern and soft romantic floral. Choose this if you prefer a blended, more complex Rose fragrance. 

And finally I love this line from a poem by Thomas Moore

"You may break, you may shatter the vase, if you will, But the scent of the roses will hang round it still."

Warm regards,