High five to our amazing English Teachers!

13 May 2017

I recently read the following quote "The child who reads will be an adult who thinks".

As a mum of two boys, getting them reading was a huge challenge and when my eldest son had to study Shakespeare and other authors for his English Literature exam I inwardly groaned. It felt like we were on a path of disappointment, my constant badgering him to read and revise whilst all my son wanted to do was play FIFA. Sound familiar?

Enter Mrs Brown. English teacher extraordinaire. I don't know quite how she did it, hidden secret powers, clever mind tricks. But whatever she did, she was truly remarkable. Her energy and enthusiasm and general handwork and perseverance not only got him through his exam but with amazing success.

If you know an amazing teacher, go out of your way to let them know. The best gift any teacher likes to receive is a handwritten note of thanks from their student.

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