Transform your garden into a candlelit grotto

04 May 2021

Lighting up your garden with candles transforms your outdoor space into a wonderfully whimsical setting at night.

We are all spending more time in our outside spaces and candles create a real wow factor, setting the scene and mood for a wonderful evening under the stars. And they don't need to cost you a fortune!

Here's how to create a magical candlelit garden effortlessly and cheaply.

garden candle light setting the mood

Strong breezes and candles don't mix well. That's why lanterns, pots and votives are so important for outdoor use, sheltering a flame from the lightest of breezes. There are many lantern options available, varying in price. Always choose a lantern with a good, flat, solid base, and place your candle in the middle to avoid the candle flame licking the glass on the side of the lantern.

Hanging lanterns are oh so pretty, however always hang carefully, consider the weight of your lantern. I often secure with additional wire - a little like a safety chain on a bracelet. 

Scents in the garden are most effective at close quarters. Use a scented candle on side tables close to where you are sitting, alongside where you place your G&T! My favourites are fresh, herbal scents that compliment the outdoors - our St Eval Herb Candle Pots are a perennial favourite. Or choose a fresh ozonic scent - to enhance the fresh air around you. Simpatico Ambergris candle and St Eval Sea Salt candle pot are perfect. Scented tealights are great, remember their scent throw is limited due to small amounts of wax and fragrance. To really scent your outdoor space you are better using a scented pillar candle or large bamboo wick candle (with added crackle effect!)

Creating a magical atmosphere in your garden

One of the best ways to light up your garden is upcycling containers. Save old candle jars, jam jars, and pasta sauce jars. They make ideal lanterns for the garden. Collect different sizes, pop inside a lit tealight or pillar candle and an ordinary jar becomes something far more beautiful. Group several candles together for maximum effect. I keep a box of assorted jars in the garage ready to light up pathways, tables and cosy corners. Top Tip : To prevent your candles moving around inside your jar, add a layer of sand or small pebbles in the base and nestle you candle in the centre. 

 Now you have the tools, here's how you bring the look together, and style your candlelit garden;

  1. Use recycled glass jars, with tealights or pillar candles, group together different sizes (odd numbers are best)
  2. Use several candle groups in just the right places, on a side table, a tray, a corner of the patio, steps into the garden, the top of a wall or even a set of wooden step ladders used as shelves. Again odd numbers 3, 5 or 7 groups depending on the size of your space. 
  3. Add fairy lights in the same area, trail along the floor and path. Hang them in branches and drape amongst garden plants. The added effect of candles and fairy light creates delightful pockets of light for added romance. 
  4. Reflect even more light by placing a mirror underneath (or behind) your candle lanterns and jars 
  5. White flowers are natural light reflectors, place pots of white flowers or vases of pretty white flowers next to your candle groups

Enjoy getting creative, save your jars and I hope this has inspired you to create your own twinkling candle lit garden this Summer.


A candlelit garden atmoshperecandles with flowers in the garden