The truth about gifts for Teachers

26 June 2016

Buying a gift for your son or daughters teacher? Here's the gifts they would rather you didn't buy them and what they would really love to receive!

Teachers work extremely hard because they care about our kids. At the end of the year they don't expect to receive gifts, in fact if you ask most teachers, the reward for a years work is reflecting on the progress their students have made both academically and personally. 

If you would like to thank your childs' teacher with a thoughtful gift this Summer here's our inside take from Teacher friends on what they would really love to receive.

Top Gift Ideas that teachers will love

A personal handwritten note from you and your child. A personal letter from a student makes their day.

A gift card for a local business, cafe, beauty spa, gift shop. Allow them to choose something as a treat for themselves.

Personalised note cards, stickers or post it notes

Parents clubbing together to buy a more meaningful gift is always a great idea, even better if you can get a few hints on things they would really like to receive.

Gifts that seem like a good idea ( or gifts they really don't want to receive)

Mugs - the No1 gift teachers would prefer not to get.

Homemade cakes and chocolates - Well meaning but no thanks.

Scented Soaps - they have a cupboard full from previous students.

Anything with 'Teacher' written on it, made out of pencils, in the shape of an apple. They have dozens at home. They are knick knacked out!

Glimmer Top Teacher Candle Gifts

Thoughtful, or subtly scented, here are our favourite candles that make a lovely gift for a special teacher.

  1. Paddywax Library Range - From £8.50. Perfect for literary lovers, or the amazing English teacher that has inspired the next generation. Based on famous quotes from Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe, Leo Tolstoy, Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde. 
  2. St Eval Sea Salt Tuscan Ceramic - £10. Enjoy the Summer evenings with this sea scented out door candle.
  3. Hand in Hand Lavender - £35. This relaxing candle, comes in a stunning box, features a keepsake ceramic (perfect for pencils!) and for every candle sold, Hand in Hand support clean water projects in areas of extreme poverty.
  4. Simpatico Hobnail Glass Candle - £36. Fabulously posh! Available in several fragrances, how about 'Tea', perfect for the teacher who loves a cuppa!