Top 5 Candles for Valentines Lovers

31 January 2017

Unlock their heart and tell your lover how you really feel on Valentines Day. Discover these gorgeous candles, each scent holds a hidden declaration of love, which one will you choose?

  1. Simpatico Glass Candle scent Honeysuckle. The flowers and scent signify happiness and devotion. Some say if honeysuckle is brought into the house a wedding will soon take place in the house.              Perfect for : Your soulmate. Go on, pop the question it's time.                                                                                                                                                        
  2. Northumbrian Candleworks Boxed Glass Candle scent White Gardenia. Did you know gardenia flowers symbolise a budding romance? Stop beating about the bush and let them know.      Perfect for : A secret love 
  3. Paddy wax Library Leo Tolstoy. This soft fruity fragrance warms the heart with a quote from a classic love story "All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love you".       Perfect for : Shouting out loud "I love you!"    
  4. Lollia Luminary scent In Love. A classic floral with Rose top note combined with Apple Blossom and Jasmine - an uplifting spring fragrance to reflect young love.      Perfect for :  Our love has stood the test of time      
  5. Paddywax Foundry scent Verbena & Patchouli. A spicy, exotic, sensual fragrance perfect to set the mood for love, cast your spell and bewitch him!     Perfect for : Candle loving men