Read this if you would like to know why all candles are not the same..........

All of our scented candles are selected very carefully to ensure you get great results every time. Every product in our range has clear information on,

Fragrance percentage

Burn Time

Wax content and wick content

Packaging and actual candle dimensions

  • Fragrance levels in candles vary tremendously, the maximum any wax candle can cope with before becoming unstable is around 10%. Some cheaper candles have as little as 1-2%, this is why they smell when you buy them but the fragrance doesn't last. A good scented candle fills the room with a delightful smell from the first until the very last time it is lit. Fragrance comes in the form of perfume oils and natural essential oils, some are more expensive than others, for instance Rose and Sandalwood are particularly expensive. Therefore, the more fragrance used the more expensive the candle is to produce. It is worth noting that different fragrances create different levels of scent for instance Patchouli oil has a stronger scent than a delicate Rose. All of our candles have detailed fragrance notes to help you select the right scent for you, we have chosen scented candles that really deliver and do not disappoint.
  • Burn Times in candles are affected by wax type and wick used to create the flame. The most important factor is to keep the wick no longer than 5mm. A wick which is too high will create a large flame but will burn the candle down much quicker. Our burn times for candles are estimates based on following our burning guidelines (click here if you would like to know more).
  • Wax Content the vital ingredient in any candle. Soy, palm, coconut and beeswax burn slowly and cleanly and are derived from natural ingredients. Paraffin wax is a bi product from refining crude oil and is a cheaper form of wax used in many candles, it has a high melt point and performs well but can sometimes burn quickly and smoke more than other candles. Choose natural wax candles if your are concerned about burning paraffin in your home. A good quality wax candle will melt and create a pool of wax on the top of the candle, cheaper poorer quality candles have tendency to burn straight down the middle leaving unused wax at the sides. 
  • Packaging and containers are as important as the wax and wick of the candle, they can turn an ordinary candle into a beautiful accessory for the home, a beautiful gift for someone special and be reused long into the future. Even the classic glass candle can vary, with some candles housed in thin brittle glass holders which can easily fracture and break. We select our candles with after use and quality as key factors.