"A good quality candle burns slowly and cleanly and gently fills your home with a divine glow and fragrance, our store only stocks candles tested by us, from like minded businesses that are passionate about candles too."

It all started with a Hobnail Fern candle from Barr Co. A birthday gift from a kind friend and I began to appreciate that all candles are not the same. After a fruitless search to replace this fabulous candle (and a glass or two of wine in the mix!) Glimmer was born.

My aim, to source the highest quality scented candles produced by artisan candlemakers in one boutique online store.

What makes a good candle? High quality wax content with clean burning wicks and a good measure of fragrance oil. Candles from us last much longer than you would expect, and burn all the way across - no more smoking wicks and unused wax down the side of the container. With a minimum of 4% fragrance content ( the maximum wax can hold is 10%) the scent throw is big enough for the largest of rooms, although some types of fragrances are stronger than others.

After many years working in the retail industry I am passionate about great customer service, delivering our wonderful products to you or someone chosen by you with care and thought. Your Glimmer parcel will arrive and we hope surprise and delight, and if something isn't quite right we will do everything we can to put it right.

I hope you love our range of beautiful candles ( the Glimmer office smells divine!), there are new products arriving all the time, try us, you won't be disappointed and before long you will be a candle convert just like me!

Sandra Varley