Boxed Candle : French Lavender
Northumbrian Candleworks

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Product Information

Northumbrian Candleworks  are artisan candle-makers. Each candle is hand blended and poured in their Northumberland workshop, under the watchful eye of Peter Cooke. All their candles are made with pure soy wax and high quality fragrance oils. And there are no chemicals, artificial additives or colourants added resulting in a candle which burns cleanly with an even scent throw.

Also available as a takeaway travel tin and tealight. 

Glimmer loves : For lovers of lavender, French Lavender (the one with the little ears on the top of the flower) is sweeter than English Lavender varieties, and the soft fragrance from this lovely candle will create a calm relaxing vibe in your home.

Fragrance Notes

Fresh floral top notes with a deep herbal undertone. 

Fragrance level 7%

Burn Time

40 hours

Wax Content

Natural Soy wax (100% GM, pesticide and herbicide free). The wick is cotton and paper, waxed with natural soy wax.


Glass tumbler packaged in a round craft gift box. 

Product Dimensions

Height: 90mm
Width: 75mm