Simpatico : Coral
K. Hall

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Product Information

'Simpatico' named after Simpatico Shores, a gathering of family cottages on a beautiful lake in Northern Michigan USA. Handcrafted in the USA, a tactile hobnail glass vase filled with a fabulously fragrant candle.

Fragrant illumination with a range of delightful fragrances and eye catching glass colours. Would it be wrong to want to collect them all?

Glimmer Loves : Fresh, pretty and totally up-lifting. Smell this and it will always make you smile. A lovely light fresh scent and the glass makes a cute summer flower vase afterwards. 

Please note due to the handmade nature of the glass, slight colour and glass variances will occur. Free delivery on this item. 

Fragrance Notes

Decidedly cheerful, this floral and fruity blend has top notes of sunny citrus, a body of rich ruby pomegranate and is mellowed by sweet musk and vetiver.   

Burn Time

100 hours

Wax Content

Pure Vegetable Wax for a clean, optimum burn. 


Handcrafted glass (slight variations and bubbles in the glass will occur), unboxed and packaged carefully. Letterpress dust cover (please remove before lighting).

Product Dimensions

Height: 125mm
Width: 100mm