Lollia Luminary : In Love

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Price: £35.00

Product Information

Margot Elena brought the Lollia brand to life as an elegant library, housing a series of evocative fragrance stories.  Think fine perfume for candles, each with fresh, feminine fragrances unique to Lollia. These beautiful Luminary candles come in delicately designed glass containers with a pretty crystal droplet hanging from the untrimmed wick. 

Fragrance number 09: In Love, a modern interpretation of a sheer romantic floral with delicate infusions of apple blossom kissed sweetly by jasmine, floating upon the breath of the truest Living Rose. Gently transforms a space into a warm, inviting, elegantly perfumed environment. 

Glimmer Loves : We can't think of a better way to say you love someone. The perfect Wedding or Anniversary Gift we guarantee they will fall in love on first smell!  

Fragrance Notes

A classic floral with Rose top note combined with Apple Blossom and Jasmine - an uplifting spring fragrance to reflect young love. Just lovely.

Burn Time

56 hours

Wax Content

Soy Wax blend. 


Unboxed glass candle with hanging cut glass crystal droplet. Packaged carefully in a Glimmer delivery box. 

Product Dimensions

Height: 135mm
Width: 65mm