Luxury Gift Box : Winter Warmer
Isle of Skye Candle Company

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Product Information

Lovingly produced on the Isle of Skye, this gift box contains a votive, large glass candle and room diffuser to fill your home with scent. Add a little snuggle and spice to winter evenings with this aptly named Winter Warmer scent. 

Beautifully presented in a premium gift box, making your gift feel special and above all easier to wrap!

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Glimmer loves : This warm comforting fragrance makes you feel all cosy - perfect for creating your own hygge haven at home. Closest thing to mulled wine we've found.

James Robertson and his team at Skye candles believe in using the finest quality wax and natural fragrances producing a candle which burns cleanly and at a lower temperature, filling your home with fragrance. 

Fragrance Notes

Sweetness at its core, an orange top note blended with soft cinnamon and clove spices. Not as intoxicating as some heady spice inspired fragrances, this clever blend will perfume even the largest room with a classy seasonal scent. 

Fragrance level 10%

Burn Time

20 hours for the Votive. 45 hours for the glass candle and up to 10 weeks fragrance from the Diffuser.

Wax Content

Natural Soya wax. The wick is linen.


Premium keepsakes gift box. 

Gift Box Dimensions

Height: 90mm
Width: 310 mm Depth 230mm