Paddywax : Pink Opal & Persimmon small

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Product Information

Rustic charm style for your home, this ceramic makes a gorgeous ring pot or tea light holder after the candle has ended.  Filled with soy wax and essential oil fragrances. Gorgeous on it's own, or combine with the large ceramics from this range.

Available as a taller ceramic in this fragrance. 

Paddywax are a premium candle company based in the USA. They are committed to the artisan process producing candles of a high quality coupled with a respect for our environment using recycled packaging and containers which can be reused.

Glimmer Loves : Inspired by Japanese tea ceramics, textural smooth & shiny combined with a sand textured base. They make a great gift as the ceramics are reusable. Don't say goodbye just because the spark has gone, upcycle and reuse. 

Please note due to the handmade nature of the ceramics, slight colour and pattern variances will occur.

Fragrance Notes

Soft Jasmine floral with fresh water mint and lemon top notes. Light and fresh without being too floral or overpowering. 

Fragrance level 8%

Burn Time

21 hours

Wax Content

GM Free Soy Wax blend for a clean, optimum burn. Contains a small amount of paraffin in the blend. Cotton, lead free wick.


Ceramic unboxed and packaged carefully . Paper dust cover (remove before lighting). Ceramic is dishwasher safe.

Product Dimensions

Height: 68mm
Width: 60mm