Poetic License : I Can Still Smell The Rain

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Product Information

Margot Elena brought the Lollia brand to life as an elegant library, housing a series of evocative fragrance stories.  Think fine perfume for candles, each with complex fragrances unique to Lollia. These candles are modern, romantic little luxuries for everyday life with fragrances designed to transport you back to favourite memories.

Fragrance number 74: I Can Still Smell The Rain is a fragrant reflection after a sudden downpour. Fresh herbs, light floral breeze behind this, damp underfoot mossy lawns. In essence, they have tried to capture in a candle the scent of a spring day post April showers. 

Glimmer Loves : Looking for something special? All Poetic License candles are numbered when produced, the beautiful packaging and embossed glass container create a truly luxurious candle gift. 

Fragrance Notes

A complex fragrance which starts as a fresh green floral with top notes of lily and geranium, middle notes of basil and jasmine. The scent then develops into an warm, soft base with notes of Lavender and Sandalwood.

Burn Time

28 hours

Wax Content

Soy Wax blend. 


Beautiful gilt keepsake gift box with square cube glass candle container. 

Product Dimensions

Height: 75mm
Width: 75mm