Poetic License : Sleeping Under The Stars

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Product Information

Margot Elena brought the Lollia brand to life as an elegant library, housing a series of evocative fragrance stories.  Think fine perfume for candles, each with complex fragrances unique to Lollia. These candles are modern, romantic little luxuries for everyday life with fragrances designed to transport you back to favourite memories.

Fragrance number 48: Sleeping Under The Stars, a warm summer evening, twinkling stars and the air thick with the fresh dewey scents of the outdoors.

Glimmer Loves : It sounds so romantic doesn't it? Light this, relax and enjoy the soft musk and combined floral with the added bonus of no mosquito bites and a good nights sleep in your own bed. The perfect accessory to Glamping rather than actually sleeping on the damp grass outside.

Fragrance Notes

Fresh top notes, of herbal Bergamot and Water Lily with a delightful Freesia middle notes. Transcends into a base note of White Patchouli, Beachwood, Sheer Musk. 

Burn Time

28 hours

Wax Content

Soy Wax blend. 


Beautiful gilt keepsake gift box with square cube glass candle container. 

Product Dimensions

Height: 75mm
Width: 75mm