Simpatico : Champagne
K. Hall

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Product Information

'Simpatico' named after Simpatico Shores, a gathering of family cottages on a beautiful lake in Northern Michigan USA. Handcrafted in the USA, a tactile hobnail glass vase filled with a fabulously fragrant candle.

Fragrant illumination with a range of delightful fragrances and eye catching glass colours. Would it be wrong to want to collect them all?

Glimmer Loves : Celebrate with fragrance, this candle looks gorgeous, smells amazing and makes the perfect gift to mark a special occasion. 

Please note due to the handmade nature of the glass, slight colour and glass variances will occur. Glass colour is a pale taupe. Free delivery on this item. 

Fragrance Notes

A crisp and fresh - effervescent scent. It's hard to describe any other way. Uplifting and refreshing - it lives up to it's name. A tester said it reminded them of sherbet dab!

Burn Time

100 hours

Wax Content

Pure Vegetable Wax for a clean, optimum burn. 


Handcrafted glass (slight variations and bubbles in the glass will occur), unboxed and packaged carefully. Letterpress dust cover (please remove before lighting).

Product Dimensions

Height: 125mm
Width: 100mm