Mini Amber : Velvet Woods & Amber

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Price: £17.50

Product Information

Apothecary inspired candles that look good in any room. Made in the UK with high quality scents and plant based wax and wood wicks. Each amber glass candle arrives packaged in a Wxy branded bag.

The Amber range from Wxy feature scents inspired by nature and the natural environment. Produced in the UK, Wxy are passionate candlemakers, creating products with the best possible quality wax and scents at a fair price. 

Velvet Woods & Amber - light a fire, grab a book and a cuppa and chill.  

Glimmer loves : New for late 2020, we are thrilled to add these gorgeous UK made candles to our range. Pair with our amber tealights for warm and welcoming candlelit ambiance. If your home goal is for visitors to ask "what's that lovely smell?" this won't disappoint. 

Fragrance Notes

Humm - this can only be described as the kind of smell you get from a luxury interiors store - yeah weird but true! Squidgy soft leather and an almost sweet musky warmth. Amber, musk and mossy scent - if you like soft sandalwood and musky smells you will without doubt love this! Inviting but not overpowering. 

Fragrance level 8%

Burn Time

Up to 25 hours

Wax Content

100% Plant based wax. Vegan, no palm oil, no petroleum - no toxins. Wood wick.


Amber glass with no lid, unboxed and packed in wxy. printed cotton bag. Plastic free.

Product Dimensions

Height: 80 mm
Width: 75 mm