Votive Candle : Pimento & Cranberries
Isle of Skye Candle Company

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Price: £5.00

Product Information

Lovingly produced on the Isle of Skye, this natural soy wax candle is handmade from start to finish. Pimento & Cranberries is the perfect scent if you love the sweeter things in life, a heady sweet and spicy aromatic punch squeezed into a candle. 

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This small votive lasts an amazing 20 hours, a great alternative to tealights. Also available as a larger 3 wick candle, boxed glass candle, and takeaway travel candle. 

Glimmer loves : This warm comforting fragrance makes you feel all snuggly - our favourite for a night in with someone special! James Robertson and his team at Skye candles believe in using the finest quality wax and natural fragrances producing a candle which burns cleanly and at a lower temperature, filling your home with fragrance. 

Fragrance Notes

Sweetness at its core, with a fruity blend of cranberries, raspberries and blackberries mixed with pimento berries and a clove top note to give it a slightly spicy top note.  

Fragrance level 10%

Burn Time

20 hours

Wax Content

Natural Soya wax. The wick is linen.


Glass votive unboxed. 

Product Dimensions

Height: 65mm
Width: 50mm